Faketown won't be built overnight. It will take hard work and the support of the community to bring it back to life. We have outlined a plan for each collection that we intend to launch in support of that goal. Some things may change but we are committed to working iteratively to keep the momentum going. Ultimately, Faketown is a player owned experience where all of our efforts lead to our collective success.

Founder Keys

Our first NFT collection is limited to 256 keys that afford owners:

  • Early access to mints

  • Exclusive airdrops

  • Voting rights on the future of Faketown

  • Publishing UGC content directly into Faketown


Faketown Seeds will be randomly minted in 1 of 5 variants (olive, cherry blossom, cactus, maple and pine tree). Even before the metaverse is live players will be able to water their trees (and the trees of their friends) to start capturing Co2 both virtually and in the real world through a partnership with Once the metaverse is live players will be able to plant their trees directly on their property for additional rewards! Learn more about the original virtual seed campaign with WWF


The original Fake IDs are going to be minted along with thousands of new, fully animated avatars. Since there are only around 50 Fake IDs from the previous version of Faketown we are in the process of designing new characters, accessories and clothing items to produce enough variations to afford players with unique avatars. The original IDs will inevitably be the most rare asset with only 10 copies of each ID in a uniquely animated NFT. Here is a preview of the Fake ID collection


The Faketown metaverse will relaunch with the introduction of 256 "Genesis" Towns. Owners of these NFTs will be able to start a community of up to 196 properties to be sold separately. As town owner you will get Fake Coin dividends based on the activity of the town residents.


The core Faketown experience will be complete with the launch of the Genesis Properties. Players will become residents of their micro-community when they buy a property in Faketown. As always, Faketown properties are the showcase of each player's artistic expression. Each property comes equipped with a block minter so that they can produce building blocks for use on their property or resale on the secondary market. Towns that have an active community will unlock features and bigger dividends from their town treasury. Residents will also be eligible to become mayor of their town for additional benefits and influence on their town.

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