Faketown is a play-to-earn metaverse built on the Polygon network
The entire financial system is built on a social contract; we work for currency because we believe we can exchange it for something of future value. Faketown doesn't attempt to be a substitute for any real financial system instead we've built a platform that allows you to enjoy the absurdity of it all. Don't take this seriously, enjoy it.


Faketown is comprised of virtual towns that are populated by real player-citizens. Landowners can mine for resources under their property and mint those assets into NFTs to build their home or for resale on the secondary market. Town citizens work together to unlock benefits for their community and they vote to elect a mayor to manage their treasury, taxes and amenities.
Each town has its own residents, resources and micro-economy. Players that "live" in the same town collaborate to grow their town treasury to unlock new minting machines and generate dividends for the citizens of their town. Town taxes and fees for producing Faketown NFTs contribute to the town treasury.
Towns have a specific environment and a building block style that defines its aesthetic. Blocks are like Lego bricks that snap together to create endless building variations. While every property starts with a basic building the players must mint additional blocks to make their property unique.
Building blocks are the primary NFT commodity in Faketown. Players use block minting machines to produce random blocks in the style of their town. Some blocks will be common low-value blocks whereas other blocks will be rare and significantly more valuable on the secondary market.
Properties or town lots can be customized with Building Blocks and decorated with other functional items minted via NFT minting machines. If a player decides to sell their property they sell the land and the Blocks on that town lot.
As the town treasury grows new NFT minting machines are made available to town residents. These minters will produce things like furniture, functional NFTs and art.

Game Objectives

  • Buy a town and become a town owner and earn monthly dividends
  • Become elected mayor and manage your town's economy
  • Mint and manufacture functional NFTs for use in-game and to sell to other users
  • Become a citizen and contribute to your town's treasury
  • Unlock features and craft new commodities as a town


  • Town Owners
    • Collect dividends based on the town's economic activity
  • Mayors
    • Become elected mayor and manage your towns resources
    • Determine minting machine cost
    • Boost your town's mint machine productivity
    • Collect and allocate town dividends based on the town's treasury
  • Citizens
    • Buy a lot, build a home and curate a property
    • Collect dividends based on the town's treasury
    • Mint functional NFTs and contribute to your town's treasury
    • Elect a mayor to manage your resources


  1. 1.
    FakeID mint - Q3 2022
  2. 2.
    Town mint - Q3 2022
  3. 3.
    Lot sales - Q3 2022
  4. 4.
    Building block minters - Q4 2022
  5. 5.
    Election cycles and dividends - Q4 2022
  6. 6.
    Additional minting machines - Q1 2023
  7. 7.
    Functional minted assets - Q2 2023

Why are we doing this?

Recent advancements in blockchain technology enable players to participate in the evolution of games in more meaningful ways than was previously possible. Online communities can be self-governing and they can can even generate real value through their efforts.
Faketown combines blockchain capabilities with our multiplayer experience to create a visual playground for blockchain communities. The goal is to create a gaming platform that is socially, politically, and fiscally self-regulated.
Faketown is embracing the potential of web3 and blockchain technology to create a player-owned community that will evolve based on the efforts of its citizens.

Why will we succeed?

We're a dedicated team of developers and designers that have been evolving this platform since 1999 and enjoy collaborating with one another.
We don't expect success to be easy, we believe success is the culmination of years of experience, passion, luck, and relationships.
We have learned from our mistakes, specifically trying to do too much, rather than perfecting the basics.
Please join our community and earn the benefits of our collective contributions.
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