Release 3.0 - 2013


Project Overview

In 2013 we decided to rebuild Faketown from the ground up using web tech. Adobe Flash was dead and our goal was to make Faketown as accessible as possible without a plugin. Using HTML and Javascript we rebuilt the avatar system leveraging the original art. We added the block-building feature, a simple coin drip, image upload, Twitter, and YouTube integration. We also explored live casting where users could run a real-time poll and Facebook reactions would affect the outcome in Faketown.


Faketown v3 was a quick reboot of the community without too much effort. The main objective was to get the basic experience back online after Flash was no longer supported. Therefore, it was missing some of the core features that made Faketown unique. We did not include the map or town features that allowed smaller communities to form. We also failed to integrate any of the Faketown functional items or decor which allowed players to curate their space more easily.


• Refactored our code to remove the reliance on Flash

• Added hashtag support in chat to trigger avatar emotes

• Experimented with OBS to simulcast between Faketown and Facebook Live

• Enabled "twitter bot" mode for broadcasting your tweets via your avatar while you are offline


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